Kelley Hanger-Commodore


 Peter Doncaster – Rear Commodore (Race Activities)
 larry 150s  Larry Kousal -Rear Commodore (Cruising Activities)
Dave Christensen -Rear Commodore (Social Activities)
 Mike Wilkinson – Treasurer
   Kenny Dykes- Secretary


  1. Rich & Angela Treinen says:

    24 Nov 2019. Angela and I are visiting a friend in Plano as we make our way to see our abandoned boys in Oklahoma. Some of you will remember us as we were very involved with all things LYC from ‘81 through 2000. I was hoping for an event at the marina today for a surprise drop in. No such luck. We live in St Petersburg FL now, members of the St Petersburg Yacht Club and dazzling the members there with our sailing skills learned with the Lavon Yacht Club. Let us know if you ever visit St Petersburg, we’ll invite you to the SP Yacht Club for a round at the bar and hear all about LYC.

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