Blog Instructions

Only board members can currently create a new “Blog POST”  All board members should have received login instructions under a separate email.

Anyone can view and “add comments” to a blog entry there.  blog comments are moderated and not posted until a board member (editor) approves or disapproves a comment.

To ADD a new POST (blog entry), you must login.

  1. Scroll down on the blog page and on the bottom right is “WordPress Admin”
  2. Click on WordPress Admin.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. You will now see the Dashboard screen
  5. On the left side you will see your menu options.
  6. Select Posts
  7. Either click on “Add New” on the left side or click “Add New” on the top of the page next to POSTS (Don’t worry about all the things you can do on this page)
  8. Enter a title for the blog post entry
  9. Enter the main text, pictures, etc., bold, italic or anything else (kindof like MS Word) [The rightmost icon of Bold,Italic, 123, etc. is the “Kitchen Sink” button.  Click it to expand the buttons to include media (pictures), etc.]
  10. [If you create something in MS Word, you can COPY and PASTE into the post box.  If you use the special icon that looks like a clipboard with a “W” on it, it will copy the formatting you did in Word with the text]
  11. On the right side, select a category (Cruising, Racing, General, Social)
  12. Click on PUBLISH on the right top side. (Or save as DRAFT for later editing)
  13. You can always edit something that is posted.
  14. All the other blanks and fields on that post page are for “fancy” things we can talk about later if needed.
  15. Click on the (W) Lavon Yacht Club on the top left to return to the blog

RSS Subscriptions

RSS Subscriptions allow you to receive regular updates from the blog to your New Reader such as Google Reader, Blogger, Feedburner, Feedler, etc. Click here for Google Reader Every time you visit your New Reader, the most recent blog entries will be visible.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to the LYC Twitter Page and receive tweets every time there is an update on the LYC blog.

Lastly, you can setup email subscriptions after registering for a user account on the blog.  To do this, select the “Email Subscriptions” menu item toward the bottom of the right side. Enter your email address and press Subscribe.  You will receive an email with a link.  Click on the link to confirm your subscription.

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