1. Glenn Harrison says:

    I am a very experienced racer and between campaigns. Would love to crew for someone as we live 10 min from the lake. Be happy to do anything on the boat or simply help someone who wants to get better. Please let me know how to join and I’ll be happy to help kick start the program out there. Should be Wednesday night racing.

    • Kelley Hanger says:

      You are welcome to come out to any of the upcoming events. Currently, we have a sunfish regatta (Saturday day races) and a Summer Race series (Saturday evening races). We would love to start a Wednesday race, but haven’t had enough interest. We are hoping to change that soon! You can contact me directly at commodore@lavonyachtclub.org.

  2. Ramiro Trevino says:

    I was hoping that you can direct me to where I can learn to sail a sunfish or similar sailboat? Been on my bucket list, live in McKinney and hoping their is somewhere near me.
    I appreciate a response.

    • Kelley Hanger says:

      We have sunfish races throughout the year and are looking to add some sailing clinics in the Fall for the sunfish.

  3. Kevin says:

    I just bought a sunfish sailboat and would like to try it one of your races. To race do you have to be a member or am I able to just enter and pay the entry fee?


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