Well, it looks like the marina is pulling up anchor and sailing out of the cove, just in time to disrupt any activities the slip holders may have scheduled for the weekend. Duh! Of course, that includes our LYC stuff. So, even though the Sunfish can float in a couple of feet of water, we don’t know where the pavilion will be by this Saturday, (or whether we can even get to it).  Consequently, the majority of the board decided that the Sunfish Regatta should be abandoned or cancelled. No new date was selected.

On the other hand, I’m thinking that anyone who has an adventuresome spirit might want to think about leaving the option open. We might just think about going out and playing with the Sunfish if we can get to them. It would not be an official LYC event, but we might just go out and mess around with the boats. Besides, we can’t use our real boats anyway. Both the Memorial and Independence regattas were lightly attended, but those of us who did participate had a ball. I sure would hate to miss another opportunity to do it again. So, why not think about going out and play with the little ones. We don’t need no stinking power, or hot dogs. What do you think?

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