The LYC board has come up with a way to (hopefully) spice up the old Summer Nite Series.  The new event is called THE FULL MOON SERIES. We scheduled five race days that closely coincide with the dates of the full moon for months May through September. The 2nd and 4th races also coincide with the Collin Park Marina dock parties. On those dates we will start the races an hour or so later so we can take advantage of the marina’s food, drink, and music. On the other three dates there will be a food-related before-the-race activity at the club pavilion.

The races will be in the staggered start race format. Each boat will have an individual start time that is based on the assigned LYC PHRF handicap. The course will be selected from one of those identified on the Long Distance & Staggered Start Course Map. The map and Notice of Race can be found as links on the LYC Racing page. The start times and course will be announced at the pavilion prior to the start of the race. Whoever gets back to the marina first, wins.

So, come on out and munch with the bunch. And, since you’ll be there anyway, you might as well take advantage of the beautiful sunsets and moon rises, cool summer night breezes, and peaceful sailing with you friends. There’s always room on a boat, so, no excuses.

Check the on-line calendar on the web site for the dates and times, and check the Notice of Race on the web site Racing page for race details. Also on the Racing page is a link to a two-page summary of race related dates, suitable for printing and magnetic attachment to the fridge.

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