Here you will find a summary of the racing events we have planned for this year. Dates have been assigned, but the publication of the firm schedule is awaiting final inputs from other officers. So, this is what we have so far.

Almost all of the keel boat racing events will coincide with social events. This includes four one-day regattas and five Full Moon Races. There will usually be only one of these single-day events each month of the March to November sailing season, for a total of ten race days (not counting Sunfish). Stand-alone events will include three Sunfish regattas and the Turkey Trot to Ticky Creek race.

Due to lack of interest, the traditional spring, summer, and fall race series are now history. But, in order to still take advantage of the wonderful sailing in the summer evenings, we are replacing the Summer Nite Series with races that coincide with the full moons that occur in May thru September. There will be a total of 5 of these “virtual” Full Moon Races. Two of them will be on the same date as the two marina dock parties, so we’ll start those races a little later in the evening than the rest. On those other three race days we’ll have some kind of pot-luck social prior to the race. We haven’t yet decided if the Full Moon Races should be considered a series or just be individual events. Surely, we will have made a decision before the first one.

The reason for the quote marks around virtual is that the races will actually be held on Saturdays closest to the true full moon dates, not actually on the date. This proves the validity of the old saying “any word or phrase that immediately follows the word ‘virtual’ is always a lie”.  Comments are welcome. -Larry

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