Sailing Away Mastered

This is the time of year when the leaves are gone, the sun is too and Canada sends us “just a taste” to remind us of why we love Texas!!

We Commodore’s at Lavon Yacht Club also use this time by the fire to dream and plan the up coming years activities for our band of cohorts that share a love for the lake life.
As I write this I am still basking in the afterglow of two days of 70 degree sailing on Lake Lavon in January! I call these little respites from winter in Texas our “winter peaches” I am pumped from the infusion of vitamin D and I have boating on my mind!!
The Dallas Fiberglass on Parade Show (aka, Boat Show) is set to bust out in a few days indicating we are at the half way point of the winter break. So all those little fixer ups for spring projects need to be moved to the front burner.
Cruising is kicking off with a Nippy Night Raft Up scheduled for Saturday February 26th after the Dock cleanup. This is always a blast and I think we just might have some live music complements of portions of the Roughnecks Band!
As the spring starts springing and Larry’s races get going we will bust out the little yellow duckys throw them in the lake, find and rescue them in a classic man over board drill called “The Duck Hunt” on March 26th. From then on it’s all lake life I can get for the rest of the season, Raft Ups as often as we can fit them in. We have two Movie nights planned and a THREE NIGHT ALL EXPENCE PAID CRUISE (by you) to the world famous Ticky Creek Resort and Spa!! BYO,BFB.(boat,food,beverages)
Check the calendar often it will be updated to keep you informed of all the action as it can be rather fluid! (lake pun)
As I said I am pumped with what is planned for 2011 and hope you are too.
Howard martin

  1. Bob Davenport says:

    I missed it the first time, but there is a sailing song at the “Sailing Away Mastered” link on this post. It generates a strong sense of longing when the snow is piled up outside. Good one guys.

    • howard says:

      Bob er
      Thanks guy I posted that to give my peeps something to listen to while they plod through my post. I wrote, performed and remastered that. Glad you liked it.
      That’s what it’s for…

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