Vice Commodores Message-November

November 7, 2010 in General Blog by admin

Very soon it will again be time to elect a set of board members. Nominations typically fall during a time of year when people have put their boats away and are deep into making holiday plans. In the last few years this has resulted in the previous board serving another year in the same post or trading jobs with another board member and continuing another term.  After some period of time doing the same jobs efficiency tends to replace inspiration. The club founders knew that when they wrote term limits into the bylaws. The basic requirements of board members are attending a meeting once a month and writing something for the newsletter or now maybe the blog. The more elusive part is bringing enthusiasm, new ideas, and new points of view to the party. To date two veteran club members, but who will be brand new to the board, have agreed to be nominees for 2011. Robert Davenport agreed to the post of secretary and Lee Howard for my current post of vice commodore. This is a really good start and good news. Lavon Yacht Club has a great tradition, a great facility, and a dedicated group working hard to keep it all going. Think about being a part of that group for a few hours of spare time in 2011.

Speaking of board members, I have to point out how a diligent effort all year long by our current racing commodore has paid off. Larry approached every racing event with his tees all dotted and eyes crossed, with a plan and a backup plan. By the time the rescheduled Founders regatta was held recently it all came together for the best race day in years (although I may be slightly biased).  I really hope this marks the start of a renewed interest in racing. If you want to race sailboats on Lake Lavon, there aren’t a lot of options.  Because such a productive effort deserves to be given a chance to grow, I have no choice but to nominate Mr. Kousal for another term as racing commodore.   I simultaneously volunteer to help with all 2011 racing activities, as long as they don’t involve dinking with computers like this.

Tom Johnson