Well, looks like we’ve come close to the end of another perfectly good season of fair weather sailing & racing on Lake Lavon. But do not despair. There is just one more opportunity to participate in a LYC event on the water. It’s a fun sailing event, starting at the tire breakwater at CPM, sailing past the “island”, turning left around the southern-most no-wake buoy at the Ticky Creek boat ramp, then back to the tires at CPM. It’s about 11.5 NM round trip. Motor boats are welcome to participate, but they must motor in reverse gearSmile.
The event will be a staggered start race. Each boat will start at a specific GPS time, based on LYC-modified PHRF handicaps. Since the handicap adjustment is applied at the start, the first boat to get back to the finish line is the winner. First and second place prizes will be awarded (and shared) at the club pavilion at the conclusion of the event.
Date: November 20 (Saturday)
Registration and Skipper Meeting is at 11:00 a.m. at the LYC pavilion.
There is NO registration fee.
First boat to start at the CPM tire breakwater at 12:00 p.m.
Awards presented and consumed at the LYC pavilion after the last boat finishes.
  1. Larry Kousal says:

    Another successful racing event! That’s two-fer. Thanks to all who participated. It was a bit windy, but we all managed to make it out to Ticky Creek and back without major mishaps. The sunshine finally made a late arrival. Better late than not even. The wind was probably a notch or four stronger that what was advertised. The spray coming over our bow did remind me of Harvest Moon, less the 8-ft. swells. Finishers were as follows: Larry, Tom, Floyd, Howard, and Mike.

    The award presentation was somewhat delayed by an unplanned bit of excitement. Thanks to Mike, we got a little after-race entertainment when his engine failed and he ended up plastered against the tire barrier. After a bit of on-the-water assistance from a power boater, and from LYC club members manning shore lines, Hiding Out ended up back in her slip where she belonged. According to Mike, it was probably a fuel problem.

    After the excitement subsided, we then convened to the pavilion. First and Second prizes were awarded, then quickly consumed. Once the Wild Turkey American Honey ran out, we all lost interest and disbursed.

    Looks like I need to continue fiddling with the handicaps, since the two CALs still managed to lead the fleet again. Tom was able to hold onto second place, even without flying his headsail for the second half of the race. I’m determined to get the handicaps adjusted to make the fleet more equalized. So, as long as boats keep showing up, I’ll keep on adjusting their numbers. In retrospect, I probably should have had everyone record their finish times, so we could have some more numbers to look at. I did record my finish time (14:32:38). So, my elapse time was 2:26. Since the course length was 11.5 NM., my average speed, including the windward beat, equated to 5 kts. Not bad for a boat that has a calculated hull speed of 5.66 kts.

    See ya’ll at the Christmas Party on December 8.

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