Margaritaville Regatta – The 2010 event has now been relegated to the history books. Three boats showed up for the event, so we decided to go for a staggered-start mid-distance race to Ticky Creek and back, instead of putting out marks for a buoy race. Howard, Janet/Bob, and I showed up. We had hoped for more attendance, but it seems that the multiple changes in the schedule had conflicted with potential racers’ previous commitments.

I had arbitrarily adjusted the handicaps of the other boats based on my impression of their past performance compared to the Cal 20. The start time for each boat was calculated according to those liberally modified handicap adjustments. I was determined to make sure that everyone else had a chance to win, and that I could not predict who that might be. Janet/Bob started at 12:00. I started second, and Howard started third. Unfortunately, the fluky winds at the start pretty much negated those adjustments. After about a half hour of chasing the dark patches on the water, we all seemed to end up in the same general area, not too far from where we started. By the time the wind started to fill in, I found that I, accidentally, had been in a favorable position. This allowed me to take advantage of the predominantly east wind and huge shifts. Eventually, the wind filled in all across the lake and became pretty steady out of the north. But by that time, the three boats were scattered, and I was well ahead. I did scuff the bottom my keel while rounding the island a little too close, but managed to punch through it without a loss of much of boat speed. Apparently, Howard managed to do the same while approaching the Ticky Creek mark. It was mostly a run back from Tickey to the island, then a reach from the island to the finish. Even though I made my best efforts to make the race as level as possible for all the competitors, it seems that the wind ended up having the last say. I came in first, Howard second, and Janet/Bob came in third.

Award presentation was made at the Cheeseburger social after the races. By acclimation, we awarded the prize to Dave, my helmsman. He is now 2-fer, undefeated (having won the Labor Day Sunfish event, and now helmsman on the winning boat in the Margaritaville Regatta).

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