As subtly indicated in the heading, the Founders Regatta (see footnote 1 later, not now) is now finally over with. And, what an event it was. The weather could not have been better, the turnout was fantastic, and the racing was outstanding. We were finally able to have a real “Around the Buoys” race, the first one  in a very long time. The only thing missing was a committee boat at one end of the start line. This event was extremely well attended, considering the limited turn-out for some past events. The Founders would be proud of us.  In addition to the list of usual competitors, we had three newbies show up. Now, if we could have gotten some of the club’s other boats out there with us, we would really start looking more like LYC racing of old.

We’ve been trying to get this regatta off the ground (literally) since last April. I have long been puzzling over a reason why we had a bunch of entry forms in the briefcase that were titled “2010 Founders Regatta”, all filled out and signed. I kept saying to myself: I said, self, (self said “huh”) Why do I have all these completed entry forms, and am still trying to have the regatta? Self said “No clue, go ask somebody who hadn’t overwritten or destroyed those particular brain cells in the interim”.  So finally, after the race on Saturday, I was reminded that we actually tried to do the thing back in April. And we actually did start the regatta, but the wind pooped out before we could get the race done. Mystery solved. Sure am glad we were able to have a chance for a do-over.

The results are as follows:

First Place – Tom Johnson – Mille Dewey – 2,1,2

Second Place – Larry Kousal – Radical – 1,2,3

Third Place – Janet/Bob Davenport – Cheers – 3,3,1

Fourth Place – Max Car – 4,4,4

Fifth Place – Howard Martin – Beau Tango – 5,5,5

Sixth Place – Dave Christensen – Cautauqua III – 6,6,6

Prizes were awarded for the first three places. Actually, I gave my 2nd place prize to the 4th place finisher. Also, Tom was forced to take home and display (or store) the perpetual Founders Regatta Plaque (see footnote 2) until the next Founders Regatta.

Actual scoring spreadsheets are being emailed to the competitors, along with a table of the LYC-adjusted PHRF handicaps that were used.


1. I never have been able to resolve the conundrum regarding the writing of the word “Founders” for this and other articles. As long as one has only to say the word, nobody can tell the difference. But when you go to write it, is it Founder’s, Founders’, or just Founders? I’ve given up guessing, and have decided to leave off the apostrophe altogether.

2. I think I finally (sort of) resolved the conundrum of there being two different perpetual “Founders” awards.  One is the plaque awarded to Tom last week. It clearly says Founders (plus something) on it. The other is this really nice trophy that consists of a 12″ x 12″ x 7″ wooden base, and a really large and ornate cup on top. The whole thing is about 17″ tall. Inscribed in it is “Lavon Sailing Club” (Lavon what?), and “Founder’s Cup”. Note the use of the apostrophe, signifying only one founder (see footnote 1). Anyway, there’s a whole bunch of little plaques around the sides of the base. The earliest one is inscribed with the date 1982, and the name “Thomas North”. The following yearly plaques are sequential and uninterrupted until 1995, when R.S. awarded it to himself and stored in his attic until we finally retrieved it from him, plus the other Founders award,  in 2008.

So, here’s my best guess as to the way it is: The perpetual Founders Plaque (with the barometer on it) is the Founders Regatta Award. So Tom got the one he was supposed to get. The really big perpetual Founder’s Cup was intended to be awarded to the Club Champion at that year’s Christmas Dinner. It would be awarded to the skipper whose total score for all races run that year was the best. Apparently, that award ceased to be presented after 1995, and the tradition (and trophy) were lost. I recently retrieved the two awards. But, in my confusion about the similar names, I mistakenly awarded the big one to my brother (Frank) and myself for winning the Founders Regatta in 2008.  It stayed at Frank’s house until he passed away earlier this year. On top of everything else, I somehow managed to award myself the other Founders plaque, also in 2008.  Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion and documents my understanding in case someone might care to know, someday. I have the big cup, and don’t know what to do with it, since our racing participation has been so patchy. Yes I know, the footnotes ended up longer than the article.

  1. Ton Johnson says:

    The wind didn’t poop out the first time we trried to have a Founders Regatta this year, it pooped copious amounts. Everyone spent the afternoon trying to get back to the marina in one piece.

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