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Brian Scarborough… May you rest in peace

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The Lavon Yacht Club Newsletter 2018-08-06 Edition


SAVE THE DATE- August 10th LYC Movie Night 
We are going to have a choice of movies. I will send out the options later today. Bring snacks and drinks. Peter and I will bring some goodies and margaritas for the pre-movie cocktail. We will start the movie at dark.

SAVE THE DATE – August 18th LYC Puzzle Run

Join us for the annual LYC Puzzle run! Larry is in charge of this one, so it should be good! You will collect clues by sailing to various marks and try to solve the puzzle. More details to come.

EVENT RECAP- July 7th LYC Sunfish Regatta

A great day and close regatta. There was a three way tie for first place so we had to have a race-off to determine the order.  1st place went to John, 2nd to Mike and a rough 3rd for Tom after capsizing at the mark. He was glad to be wearing his PFD but decided it was time for a new one. Lucky the lifejacket will have to retire.

EVENT RECAP- July 21st LYC Rum Punch Party

We had plenty of rum punch entries and Kenny outshined them all! It was crazy hot and I am thankful to all that came out. Larry had the second-best punch, but I must say he wins on the creative design front.

EVENT RECAP- July 28th LYC Summer Race 2

The make-up second race was off to an interesting start with a weather delay and then Tango ran aground.  Tom won again, Larry got a close second and Dave got third. Ended up being a beautiful night race. Thank you to everyone who came out to help crew.

EVENT RECAP- August 4th LYC Summer Race 3

Summer Race 3 followed quickly one week after 2. We got lucky with beautiful weather. The wind was light at first, but got exciting on the way back. Peter will send out race recap, but I can say for sure is that Jive-Ho came in last…
The Summer Race 4 is scheduled for September 15th.


The calendar has been updated with the years events. Hopefully we will be adding some new events in the coming weeks.


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HIGHLIGHTS – by month to come

August – Summer Race, Movie Night, Lunar Eclipse, Margaretville

September – Sunfish Regatta, Raft Up, Summer Race

October – Harvest Moon, Rush Creek, Flat Out Wine,

November – Turkey tanning, LYC Turkey,

December – Christmas Party

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  1. Marcy Babcox says:

    Hello…do you know of any sailboats for sale on this lake? Thx
    Ps… not the Chrysler 22…

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