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The Lavon Yacht Club Newsletter 2017-06-14 Edition

NEXT EVENT – JUN 17th Marina Party Collin Park
The Marina Party and Customer appreciation dinner is on this Saturday. We had planned to promote our Poker Run the weekend before but they had overlapped and we will postpone the Poker Run when it does not conflict with the Marina Party. Liquid refreshments at 6:30 and dinner served 7-7:30


SAVE THE DATE JUL 07.01.17 Sunfish Regatta and 07.02.17 Day Raft Up
It will be time to get the race going again and we will get the day Raft up done this time.


EVENT RECAP– MAY 27th 28th Sunfish Regatta
We had to push The Memorial Day Sunfish Regatta and raft up back a day and we had some rain Delay but we got it done. John took first on the day and Kenny and Peter had a run off for Second and third. Great day of sailing and fun was had by all again.


EVENT RECAP – MAY 28th  Day Raft Up around 2 or so
The weather delay pushed the raft up off kilter. We will get one done soon though . Next one is 07.02.17


NEW DATE – JULY 15th Rubber Duck Rescue with the Rum Punch Party
  LYC Rubber Duck rescue event is set for 07.15.17. it will be around a noon start getting ready. A general rule meeting will be at 12:30 with gun at 1 pm for the duck rescue to begin. We will have some after race hot dog munchies and chips for hungry rescuers. And of course some bread for the ducks.


Race is reset 07.29.17………Tom will have great day sailing competition ready for the day whether we do a buoy race or a distance race.  A great food event party afterwards to follow so mark it on your calendar. Racing events start at 11:30 and with registration then a skipper meeting at noon, gun at 1 pm.  Always folks are welcome to come crew on the sailboats so we can all have a great day. Food will be pulled pork sandwiches with a $10 eat a lot price or $5 snack price. Bring your own drinks. Food  will get going around 5 or so after the race.


NEWSLETTER – Let me Know

  Send me things you’d like to add to the newsletter. This is the first mailing with a new distro e-mail set up. I hope it reaches everyone as is working well. Please send me your feedback.


THE YACHT CLUB GOOGLE CALENDAR – can be viewed clicking here ……

·         Up Coming

·         06.17.17 Marina Day

·         07.01.17 Sunfish Regatta

·         07.02.17 Day Raft Up

·         07.15.17 Rubber duck / Rum Punch

·         07.29.17 Founders Race / Party



   HIGHLIGHTS – by month to come

March- Dock clean up, Happy Hour, St Patricks, Chili Cook Off

April –  April Fools, Founders Regatta, Rubber Duck Rescue, Happy Hour

May – Rush Creek, Summer Race, Heritage Cup, Sunfish Regatta, Raft Up

June – Summer Race, Marina Day, Poker Run, Dallas Race Week

July – Sunfish Regatta, 4th of July, Rum Punch,

August – Summer Race, Movie Night, Lunar Eclipse, Margaretville

September – Sunfish Regatta, Raft Up, Summer Race, George Griffen

October – Harvest Moon, Rush Creek, Flat Out Wine,

November – Turkey tanning, LYC Turkey,

December – Christmas Party


Call 214-682-4385 or e-mail for info

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Located in Collin Park Marina on beautiful Lake Lavon, Texas, just minutes from North Dallas, Lavon Yacht Club is open for membership to all boaters and boating enthusiasts. Not just a “sailing club”, LYC offers a wide range of organized cruising and social events, as well as sailboat racing activities.

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