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The Lavon Yacht Club Newsletter 02.09.15

We encourage all of our membership to attend this planning meeting 70-178 70-290 louis vuitton replica handbags replica handbagsand give input to the development and use of Lake Lavon. The meeting will be held at the City of Wylie Recreation Center – Recreation Center Meeting Room, 300 Country Club Road, Building 200, Wylie, Texas, 75098.  An open House will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by a formal presentation at 6:00 p.m.  At the conclusion of the presentation there will be time for the public to view maps, ask questions and provide comments about the project. …...Click here for for more about this

Welcome to a new Season of Lavon Yacht Club fun and events. We would like the membership input. This is the time to let the board know if you have any ideas for the club. We hope the year summary in the columns is helpful to planning your participation inmulberry replica handbags replica handbags outlet 70-457 70-458 70-459 70-480 70-162 70-177the up coming year. Please call Dave at 214-682-4385 with any suggestions. Members please print this newsletter to keep on hand for new folks we meet at Collin Park.

First event of the year is coming March 7th to do the dock clean up.replica handbags outlet 70-412 brautkleider online brautkleider 2015 Meet at the docks at 12pm. We like all the participation we can get and we will kick off with the Nippy Night raft up that night. 7pm.

Dues are now due for the year. Watch your mailboxes and e-mail. Pay your dues by 70-410 70-444 70-410 70-229 70-331 70-432 70-236 70-342Feb 28th and get a free LYC T-shirt. PO BOX 860744, Plano, TX 75086. There will be ways to pay on line. You can call Dave for more details.

March 21st Rubber Duck Rescue during the day with the Chili Cook Off and Progressive Dinner afterword.

**Click here for a printable version of this newsletter. You can always find a copy and all the club information with a full detail calendar of dates at

Your 2015 Officers: Dave Christensen, Mike Wilkinson, Larry Kousal, Brian Scarborough,70-162 hermes replica handbags hermes replica handbags Rick Davis, Dana Sprouse, and Chris Coleman.

Upcoming Year Summary

The Board has met and locking down the calendar. Please send in your suggestions for events. The final will be published soon.
Freezing should be past and we should have water at the docks by the end of Feb.
We start the year with the dock cleanup and the nippy night raft up. Rubber Duck, Chili Cook Off and ysl replica handbags replica handbags burberry replica handbagsgeneral meeting later in the month.
The Founders Regatta and Party, the boat photo shoot and Lakefest Regatta at Texoma. Apr 18-19
Sunfish Regatta on the holiday weekend with a raft up party. Corinthian Heritage Regatta this month.
Full Moon Summer race the first week, and Dallas Race Week during this Month.replica handbags 50% discount replica handbags outlet fendi replica handbag 70-410 70-410 70-347
July 4th falls on a Saturday this year and we will be rafting up to watch fireworks and racing the sunfishes. A Rum Punch Party and a night Summer Race in July.
The Burning Night Raft up early in the month, and a Summer night race.
Early in the month Holiday weekend Sunfish Regatta and raft up with possible poker run. Expect the movies nights this year to be great. The Margaretville Regatta and Party late in the month.
Summer night race early in the month, Flat Out Wine Race and the Harvest Moon Regatta this month the 22nd.
Turkey Tanning party and Trot to Ticky Creekbrautkleider gunstig replica handbags louis vuitton replica handbags ysl replica handbags
Christmas Party and Elections.

~Newsletter (printable)~

Located in Collin Park Marina on beautiful Lake Lavon, Texas, just minutes from North Dallas, Lavon Yacht Club is open for membership to all boaters and wboating enthusiasts. Not just a “sailing club”, LYC offers a wide range of organized cruising and social events, as well as sailboat racing activities.

Lake Lavon Norm: 492.00 Current: 481.19 Delta: -10.81 Release: 0 cfs ...Date: 26 FEB 2015

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  1. The Board and members of the Texas Mariners Cruising Association(TMCA) would like to extend an invitation to you and your members to join us at the 3rd Annual Spring Fling at Bayland Marina in Baytown, TX. The events will begin on May 17th and run through the 19th. You can access more information about this event at . We have made arrangements with the Quality Inn for discount rates of only $65/ night for those attending this event.There will be food, live music, a trade show, boating seminars and much more. All money raised will be donated to charities (Heart of Sailing and 100 Club). We have many members that live in the metroplex and we’d love to introduce you the great things we’re doing on the gulf coast.

    We hope to see you there,

    TMCA Spring Fling Committee

  2. Steve Owens says:

    Will be sailing my 52 foot sail boat to texas and soon going to captain a crew boat wanting to know if you new a place where you can live on your boat at ankor! where it might be safe and where no won bothering you like the water police??Been living on my sail boat for 20 years 15 years in Honduras Hoping you could help me out with that ////name of harbouer and close ladtude & longtude ???thanks!!

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